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Communication Is Key

By our own definition, "Pull Your Weeds" is when a 'gardener' identifies a negative feeling/emotion and communicates it with someone they trust to help them find positive solutions to feel more confident and calm. Opening the lines of communication between children and trusted adults is a significant factor for overall success and personal growth. The more comfortable a child feels with discussing their feelings and emotions, the more confident they are with seeking positive solutions to negative encounters. By embracing the You Are a Gardener® mindset and vocabulary, children are empowered with an organic and helpful way to identify, communicate and manage their emotions.

To help keep these lines of communication open at home and in the classroom, today we are sharing with you one of our favorite 'gardening tools'-A 'Weeds to Seeds" Gardening Pot. This is a wonderful way for young gardeners to communicate when they need help 'pulling a weed'. --> All you need is a pot or pail, a gardening marker or popsicle stick, post it notes or origami paper. Scroll down to watch our video on how to use this incredible 'gardening tool'.

As an added bonus, sometimes the act of just writing down what is bothering you can help a gardener feel better.

What are some of your favorite tools to use to help open the lines of communication with kids at home or in the classroom? We would love to hear your success stories-send us an email to :)


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