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Cultivate Gratitude

One of the healthiest emotions 'gardeners' can cultivate is gratitude. Being thankful and grateful for all that we have increases our positive emotions and decreases our stress levels. By focusing our energy on feelings of gratitude it opens up the possibilities for us to experience higher levels of love, happiness, joy and optimism.

Today on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog we have come up with 5 Easy Ways To Cultivate Gratitude for gardeners of all ages!

5 Easy Ways To Cultivate Gratitude

#1- Write 5 Thank You Notes to people who have had a positive influence in your life.

#2- Start a Gratitude Journal with a daily or weekly entry on all the things you are grateful for.

#3- Create a Gratitude Garden on a bulletin board, wall or even your refrigerator!

#4- Volunteer at a local charity or make donations to families in need.

#5- Pass the Gratitude around the dinner table and each family can say what they are grateful for that day.


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