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Gratitude Gardens

Hello Gardeners! We talk so much about positives and negatives - 'flowers' being are our positive feelings and 'weeds' are our negative feelings, - but it is so important to remember that it's natural for both to exist. Life is a balancing act of good things, difficult things, happy times, and times of distress. Learning and growing from these experiences is what makes us all stronger gardeners! Our hope is that we can help provide you with some tools to manage the challenging moments and celebrate & cherish the good and keep turning those weeds into seeds!

#GardenerShanna likes to remind us of something #FredRogers used to say,

"look for the helpers".

In times of 'weeds' and worries, looks for the 'flowers'. When we take a minute to think about the family & friends we have supporting us, the people and pets who show us love, the strengths we see in ourselves, the accomplishments we've made, and all the good fortune we experience in our lives, that alone can make us take pause to appreciate the good and choose joy.

If you need a little help looking for the flowers, try making a Gratitude Garden with our signature origami tulip craft! Watch the gifs below to learn how to make your tulips:

Then, write your 'flowers' on your tulips:

And make your #GratitudeGarden!

#GardenerBrendan chose to hang his gratitude garden on the refrigerator, but any high traffic area will do!

Next time you are in a moment of weeds and worry, take a look at your gratitude garden and focus on your flowers!

We would love to see YOUR gratitude gardens - send pictures to or tag us @youareagardener. Remember you can always send us your weeds too! #GardenerAnna & #GardenerAidan would be happy to help you out. Be sure to keep up with Season 2 of #HelloGardeners. We just launched our 2nd episode of the second season!!

And as always, #PullYourWeeds!


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