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Don't look around, look within

If we want to change the world we must first change our relationship to ourselves. We must repair what needs healing in our own hearts. We must love, cherish and respect our own selves first and foremost. Then and only then will we truly be able to see a world of inclusivity, kindness and love. Positive change starts with you. Don’t look around, look within.

Start by making a list of all the feelings, emotions and experiences that cause, or have caused you stress. Write down the things you don’t love about yourself. The people who have hurt you. The day to day to day things that frustrate you. Unhealthy habits. The things that scare you. The memories buried down so deep that are too sad to think about... Write down as many you can. Write for days if you need to... Once you feel your list is complete, take a step back and breathe. Pat yourself on the shoulder, give yourself a hug, cry, dance, laugh, sing... This is your list. This is you. You are here. You have gotten to this point. This is you healing... Now close your eyes and imagine if everyone in the world went through this exercise. If we all started to heal ourselves and repair together... Nothing is truly impossible if you make it possible...#dontlookaroundlookwithin

~Shanna Truffini

(this particular exercise is for a more mature Gardener)

Let's Change The World Together

Take our #dontlookaroundlookwithin challenge and take the next steps towards positive and lasting change. Here's how:

1. Make your list (no need to share it).

2. Post one of the images below on your social media and copy this entire post.

3. Use the hashtag #dontlookaroundlookwithin


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