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F O C U S + R E L A X with a Craft !

Updated: May 28, 2020

Hello Gardeners!

On the blog today, we've got an amazing focus activity to help redirect those restless gardeners! We love this activity because the repetitive motions of weaving mixed with the soft sensation of the yarn makes for the perfect relaxing activity! It's our Woven Bowl Craft - and all you'll need are 3 simple things:

A paper plate



First things first, cut up your plate! I wanted a medium sized bowl, so my cuts were a couple inches long, but if you'd prefer a taller, thinner bowl, make your cuts longer, and for a shallower bowl, make them shorter! I found that drawing a circle in the center of your plate helps make all of your cuts consistent!

Next, wrap your yarn around the base of one of your strips and secure it with a knot. Then start weaving through the strips of the plate using the 'over-under-over-under' pattern.

If you want to switch colors, tie (with a double knot) your new string to the old string and just continue weaving! You can kind of tuck the knotted part under the weave to conceal it. You may find that you need to trim down the thickness of your strips as they are starting to overlap - just go through and carefully trim with your scissors!

Once you reach the top of your plate, it's time to tie the end of the string so that the bowl doesn't unravel. Just loop the loose end of the string through one of the previous weaves and secure with a knot. If you need to trim down the top of your plate, do so carefully so you don't accidentally cut any of the woven string!