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Gardening 101

Hello Gardeners!

Today, our very own Gardener Anna gives us a quick into/refresher on what it means to be a 'gardener'! Getting young kids to talk about big feelings/emotions and turn them into positive solutions is what our programs are all about (turning weeds into seeds). Scroll down to watch the video and read some facts about Gardener Anna!


  1. She came up the idea to make the Hello Gardeners® video series when she was only 8 years old!

  2. She always wears a headband with a flower on it in every episode (except for 2-see if you can guess which episodes).

  3. Anna is extremely passionate about spreading seeds. One of her biggest dreams is to go on an official Gardening Tour and connect with kids across the country.

  4. Helping kids feel comfortable to talk about big emotions and feelings is something Anna can appreciate on a personal level.

  5. She loves animals, baking, singing and acting!


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