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Get Colorful with Crayon Etching

Hello Gardeners!

With all the uncertainty of the upcoming school year todays’s craft is a reminder of how important the #PullYourWeeds message is. Encouraging kids to talk about their stresses and fears is needed now more than ever. From worrying about wearing a mask all day, not seeing friends or being afraid of getting sick, there are many ‘weeds’ young gardeners are facing. Mindfulness activities & crafts are great way to get kids to relax and open up about how they are feeling.

We are so excited to share today's craft with you because it emphasizes this message ☝️! We are making crayon etchings - all you need is:

A small piece of paper

Crayons (definitely a black crayon!)

Something with a pointed edge (toothpick, pencil)

Let's get started!

Cover your entire sheet of paper in crayon - choose rainbow, or color in small swatches of color - just make sure the entire sheet is covered!

we went with rainbow : ) 🍭

Once your entire sheet of paper is colored, take you black crayon and blacken the entire sheet of paper. You should end up with a black piece of paper!

Then take your pointed utensil an etch (or scratch) the black surface to reveal all the beautiful colors beneath!


This activity is #PullYourWeedsApproved because it:

  • Requires few materials! All you need are crayons and paper!

  • Encourages gardeners to think ahead - this craft is all about layers!

  • Will keep your gardeners occupied! Once they reveal the magic base layer, they will surely want to make another and another!

Thanks for reading along today, gardeners! Keep pulling those weeds and planting those seeds - #TheFutureIsBright ✨!


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