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Growth is a Process

Hello Gardeners!

With the speed in which days, weeks, and months fly by, we can one minute be on top of our gardening and the next minute, come back to an overgrown mess! It's natural to lose track of time - we live busy lives! But in these moments where you are standing at the edge of a weed-y, overgrown garden, remember that your maintaining your mental health is a process.

Growth and progress are not linear - in other words, sometimes we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. That may feel like regression, but really it's experiencing the fall back that helps your grow!

It's easy to feel frustrated and disappointed. A huge hurdle with being mentally healthy is being gentle with yourself - treating yourself like a friend. Think about it this way - gardeners who weed today know full well that tomorrow a bunch of new weeds are going to poke their heads out of the soil. It's like our author, Shanna, says, "Weeds happen. It's just a natural fact."

When the weeds happen, we've found the the best way to pull those weeds are to talk about them! Find a person you trust and tell them what you are going through. Opening up and talking about the your struggles or the things that make you feel small prevents those things from taking root and dominating your garden.


With Valentine's Day coming up, treat yourself to something sweet! Here is a quick and delicious treat sure to put a smile on your face :)

*Replace peanut butter with marshmallow or sun butter for allergies!


If you ever feel like you don't have someone to talk to, remember that we are here! We want to hear about your weeds, seeds, and flowers and help you keep your garden looking colorful and bright! Email

So go ahead, gardeners - #PullYourWeeds!


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