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hello gardeners

Hello gardeners, I am Gardener Anna and when I was only 7 years old I had a lot of weeds (which means I was really stressed out). That's why my mom wrote this book called You Are a Gardener®. It's all about helping kids learn how important it is to 'pull your weeds" which means talking to someone you trust about the things that are upsetting you. Like anytime you feel sad, scared, mad, lonely, left out or embarrassed. You can see gardeners there are a lot of words for weeds. As gardeners, it's also very important to remember that there tons of gardening tools out there to help us feel better too. Like journaling, taking deep breath, doing crafts, there so many activities and exercises out there to help us gardeners to feel confident and calm. So what do you say gardeners? Are you ready to plant new seeds and pull your weed? Let's Grow!

Are you ready to dig into empowering kids with a shared emotional language, positive mindset and healthy tools to manage stress and big emotions? Let’s Grow!

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