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It Might Get Loud! Incorporating Music in the Classroom

Hello Gardeners!

We know that listening to certain music encourages relaxation and helps us develop close listening skills, while playing music helps us collaborate, communicate, and gain confidence with our peers. Today on the blog, we are taking a deeper dive into some of those benefits and providing you with some easy ways to incorporate music + sound into your classroom!


You can learn a lot about a person by listening to their favorite song or hearing a song that makes them sad. For many music lovers, we associate the "big life moments" with songs that take us back to specific moments and emotions - good and bad.

Ask your students to pick a favorite song. Encourage them to look up the lyrics (if they don't already know them) and listen to the musical arrangements closely. Create a #ClassroomPlaylist and have each student speak a little about why the song they chose is their favorite.

This activity helps:

✓ Practice public speaking

✓ Encourage an emotional response to art

✓ Develop confidence in personal taste


Participating in group music is such a great way to get kids collaborating, listening to one another, and practicing impulse control. We have a fun #FlowerTambourine craft that your students can use in our special version of "Red Light, Green Light'!