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It's about to get dicey...

We recently came across a dicey statistic that inspired us to get back to basics and swap out some screen time with some good, old fashioned fun.

According to The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "on average, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens".

Today we are rolling out some simple dice games for gardeners of all ages to enjoy! Playing games with dice promotes a healthy social & emotional development for gardeners of all ages. It helps to develop positive relationships with others while playing games, encourages listening skills, it introduces kids to the wonders of probability, it puts math skills to use and promotes patience. Scroll down for 3 of our favorite Dice Games for kids!

Keep Growing

(3 Dice)

  1. Roll all dice and keep the highest number rolled.

  2. Roll the rest of the dice and repeat by setting aside the highest dice.

  3. Roll the remaining die, and add up your total.

  4. Keep Score!

Double The Fun

(2 Dice)

  1. Each gardener takes turns in rolling both dice and trying to roll doubles.

  2. If the dice are not doubles, the gardener does not get a score.

  3. If the dice are doubles, Keep Scores: (Double 1s, 2s, 4s, and 5s = 10 points)( Double 6s = 25 points) (Double 3s = 0 points, plus lose a turn)

  4. The winner gets to 50 first!

6 to Roll

(Each Gardener Gets 1 Dice)

  1. Each gardener takes a dice and start to roll.

  2. When a gardener rolls a 1, they then have to roll a 2, then a 3, then a 4, then a 5, then a 6.

  3. The first gardener to roll from 1 to 6 wins!

Fun Fact For Kids About Dice: Dice are known to be one of the oldest kind of games and very popular during Roman times. There are records of dice being played over 5,000 years ago and dice have even been found in Egyptian tombs!

If you and your kids are looking for some other classic ways to entertain a modern child check out some of our favorites:

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Thank you to our very dear friend Gardener Laurie for inspiring this post!!!!


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