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Keep It Growing

Dig into a fun and easy way to raise money for your school or organization. Schedule a You Are a Gardener® Keep It Growing Book Fair & we will donate 10% of all sales back to your school/PTO or group. Scroll dow to learn more about how it works!

This video clip is a book signing from our 'Keep It Growing' Book campaign for the Hopewell Valley District. Collectively their schools purchased over 90 books which we donated 10% back of all sales to their PTO.

Here's How The Keep It Growing Book Fair Campaign Works:

-Receive an exclusive web link for your school's families or your group to purchase signed copies of You Are a Gardener® (copies can be personalized )

-We will provide you with all marketing materials needed to circulate

-All books sold can be shipped directly to the home or can be delivered to your school/place of business

-10% of ALL SALES purchased through this link will be donated back to your school/PTO or organization

** Click on the photo above to download a pdf to circulate to your school or group**

Is your PTO or organization ready to dig into a fun and EASY way to raise money? Host a Keep It Growing Book Campaign Today. All books are signed and can be personalized for no additional fees!

Contact Us Today Here:


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