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Let's Chalk-n-Roll

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Gardeners let’s get ready to ‘chalk n roll’ this summer 😎 Sidewalk chalk is an amazingly fun, summer SEL 'gardening tool' that allows for hours of outdoor learning through play! There are so many simple and easy games you can create with just one piece of chalk that the whole family can enjoy! Scroll down for some gardener approved Sidewalk Chalk Games that will keep your kids active, engaged and outside for hours!

Chalk Bullseye

Make a multi color bullseye with your sidewalk chalk and allocate points for each ring and bullseye. Grab a stone, wet sponge or a bean bag and start tossing!

Chalk Tic Tac Toe

Draw a classic tic tac toe board with your chalk and start marking your x's and o's!