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Let's Go Flower Picking!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Hello Gardeners!

For some of us, the hours before bedtime or the hours that start the day are tough. Maybe our stomach starts to hurt, our hearts start to race, either while we are winding down or just starting our day. #GardenerShanna likes to take this time to "pick flowers". She asks #GardenerAnna & #GardenerAidan to carve out a little bit of time before bed to walk through their day and recognize all of the good moments and positive experiences. These moments could be as small as finding a penny on the sidewalk, to having an amazing playdate with a friend!

This is such a great activity to do with your kids before bedtime or even your students! Start every Monday with a flower picking from the weekend 🌸

This simple exercise of focusing on the positive can actually have the power to completely transform your outlook on the day-to-day. When we focus on the positive, we take power away from the negative and sometimes attract more friendliness, laughter, fun, and happiness..