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Literally...the coolest activity ever!

Today the gardeners are showing you how to beat the heat and make the coolest craft ever...literally! Grab some ice cube trays, water, flour, food coloring and straws and get ready to make your own ice paint. This is a great indoor or outdoor activity for gardeners of all ages!

Press Play to learn how to make your own ice paint!

Scroll down to watch this full episode of Camp Hello Gardeners® where gardeners will learn how to create art from numbers, make DIY pictures frames, learn all about improv, make a kid-friendly and fun snack and more!

Sensory activities like DIY ice paint are extremely beneficial when it comes to the social emotional development of young gardeners. Exploring new activities that encourage children to touch, feel, create and use their senses gives them a positive focus while using problem solving thinking. Plus, it's a fun way to cool down and create on a hot summer day!

(you can also use tempura paint instead of food coloring)



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