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Love Is All You Need...

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Fred Rogers once said " Love is at the root of everything-all learning, all parenting, all, or the lack of it." With things seeming so off balance lately maybe love has gotten a little lost along the way and maybe it's up to us to get it back on track.

(Original Chalk Art by Gardener Anna)

Research shows that people who are positive in their approach to others and to life in general are less likely to be stressed or anxious. Spreading more love (putting more positive energy out there) not only helps your own mental well being but it can also positively effect others too. The more you engage with spreading love to others, the more they will be inclined to do the same.

I have always been an upholder of the expression 'lead by example", so today I have come up with a list of things our family is doing to help spread some love and do our part to make our world a brighter and more peaceful place.

Send Someone A Letter:

The art of writing a letter to someone is a form of communication that hopefully will never be lost. It is a beautiful and often unexpected gesture that touches the recipients heart and lets them know they are in your daily thoughts. Letting friends & family how know how much you appreciate them in a written letter helps you count your blessings and confirms the importance of a relationship. It is also a wonderful skill to pass on to younger gardeners who are more comfortable with electronic communication.

Want to learn how to address and send a letter from Gardener Anna? Follow the link to sign up for #CampHelloGardeners Session 1!