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Make Your Own Springtime Terrariums

Hello Gardeners! For those of us on the east coast spring has been slow to start. To add a little brightness to our week and windowsill we decided to make our very own Springtime Terrariums. This particular #CraftForKIds helps develop fine motor skills with cutting and gluing small pieces of tissue paper to delicate branches. The creative decision making skills that go into color choice and flower placement is also a skill that boosts confidence.

All you need for this colorful craft is mason jar with a metal lid, small piece of cardboard, raffia (or ribbon), scissors, tissue paper and glue.

Materials Needed For Make Your Own Tree Terrarium

1. First we went outside and found a few small branched with offshoots.

2. We then traced the lid on a piece of cardboard to cut out and use as a base for the terrarium in the lid and created small holes in the cardboard for the branches.

3. After placing the branches in the holes with a dab of glue we added green tissue paper at the base for color and it also provided support for the branches.

Optional: Gardener Aidan wanted to add some texture to the base and decided to cut up small pieces of raffia to look like grass.

4. Cut up small pieces of tissue paper and twist them into flower like bunches and glue to the branches. (Aidan was inspired by our neighbors cherry tree and our forsythia bushes)

5. Once the glue dries place the jar on top and twist into place. We added ribbon to the base for a pop of color. watering required!

We hope you enjoyed this bright and cheerful Springtime Terrarium craft! Send us some pictures of your terrariums and as always....#PullYourWeeds!


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