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Meet Gardener Isabella

Meet our Gardener Of The Month, six year old Isabella from Branchburg, New Jersey. Gardener Isabella was so excited when she received her very own signed copy of our children's book You Are a Gardener® and other fun gardening goodies!

Gardener Isabella

Age 6, Branchburg, New Jersey

My Flowers Are:

Favorite Thing To Do For Fun:

Favorite Thing To Do To Relax:

Watch a Movie On My iPad

Favorite Food:


Favorite Book:

Pete The Cat Books

Favorite Song:

Dance Monkey

Thank you Gardener Isabella for sending us your photo and sharing with us your beautiful flowers... You are a gardener! We can't wait to see where you 'grow'.


Did you know that every book we ship comes with customized flash cards and lots of gardener goodies 🦊 Click Here to get yours on order today!

Now more than ever children need tools to help them navigate stress. By introducing a new narrative that uses gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors, You Are a Gardener®️ organically connects with children to empower them with a mindset to help them ‘grow‘ forward feeling confident & calm.

We now also offer private family workshops. Send us an email to to learn more.

"This is more than just a children's book, it's an introduction to a new mindset on how to 'grow though' what you go through."

~ You Are a Gardener®


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