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Moving On...How To Say Goodbye To Your House

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

With the sudden rise in families relocating and moving to new homes, we appreciate how periods of change like this can be challenging and emotional. Today on the #PullYOurWeeds Blog we have some tips to help you and your family say goodbye to your house with a joyful heart. 

Out with the Old:

Young kids have a tendency to get attached to personal belongings and moving can be a big emotional shift. To help get them get excited for a new space, have them pick out old toys and clothing they no longer use to sell at a tag sale or to be donated. In exchange for giving up some of these belongings, have them pick out new bedding or some fun decorations for their new room.

A little excitement goes a long way. Kids look up to us to gauge how they should feel. Encouraging them to imagine their new stuff in a new room helps to make a positive connection to a new home and detach from their current space.

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