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NJ to CA

Weekends are for gardening 🌱 and today we are spreading some seeds all the way to Oceanside, CA 😎 It is always so rewarding to see our roots grow #NJtoCA

When our author/creator Shanna Truffini wrote a poem one night in the spring of 2017 called You Are a Gardener™ she instantly felt something take root. As if every path she had ever traveled, every person she had ever met and every experience she had encountered (both positive and negative) had led her to this moment. Fast forward to the present day, that poem became a printed book, that book inspired a social and emotional learning (SEL) program for elementary schools, Shanna's children created their own video series called Hello Gardeners and the #PullYourWeeds blog became an online destination for families and teachers to use as a resource to keep kids happy, active and engaged.

If you would like to learn more about the You Are a Gardener™ programs and how you can help spread some seeds please send an email to 🌱


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