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Now Booking Virtual Assemblies

Shanna Truffini, author of You Are a Gardener® along with her Illustrator Kelsey Jordan, are now performing virtual assemblies for the #PullYourWeeds® Program in elementary schools nationwide. This live virtual, 45 minute program is rooted in social emotional learning (SEL) skills, growth mindset tools, self-empowerment, confidence building, conflict resolution skills and mindfulness activities.

Live Assembly Breakdown:

-Book reading of You Are a Gardener® by the author

-Book discussion on the power of flowers, weeds and seeds and why it’s so important to #pullyourweeds (with visual aids/media)

-Introduce students to a mindfulness activity (aka a gardening tool)

-A guided drawing of our signature fox with the illustrator

-Personalized Q & A

-All students will receive a You Are a Gardener® certificate of completion along with a digital activity kit with games and coloring sheets


-Zoom link for the assembly

-Students to have a piece of paper and something to draw with during the assembly

-5 questions (3 for the author 2 for the illustrator) for the Q&A portion of the assembly from students or faculty along with their photo (submitted 2 weeks prior & photo permission must be approved)

-School logo, colors, mascot and any special information about your school provided 3-4 weeks prior

-An appointed contact from your school to work directly with Shanna Truffini prior to the assembly and for a follow up call 2 weeks post assembly

Book Sales:

If your school/PTO would like to promote selling personalized copies of You Are a Gardener®️ to the students’ families, Shanna Truffini will donate 10% back from all sales to your school/group. A pre-order book form will be provided.

For booking and pricing information please send an email to

To share this information with your family, friends, PTO or your school click on the flyer to download the PDF version.

Click the flyer to download the PDF version!

Children across the country are in great need of bright, hopeful, uplifting and empowering content. The #PullYourWeeds® Virtual Assembly was created to do just that! Plant some seeds at your school today and contact us at!


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