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Treasured Textured Recyclables (say that 3 times fast)

Hello Gardeners!

Today on the blog we have a craft that is not only fun & colorful, but is made using recyclables, and is 100% frameable - it's a Stamped Recyclable Print! Hanging your children's art on the wall in your home shows them their creative efforts are valued, it builds their confidence and a beautiful expression of how proud you are of them!


Here is what you'll need:

Textured recyclables - we chose bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cardboard, and takeout containers, pretty much all the stuff that we've accumulated during the stay-at-home order thus far!

Paint - choose colors that will compliment the decor of your home

Paper - choose a size that is easy to frame (5x7, 8x10, 10x10)

Painters tape - an artist trick to making work look frame-ready!

First things first, gather your recyclables! Bubble wrap is a really fun one to print! Then, tape your paper to your working surface. Leave a big border or a small one - but taping off the edges gives a sort of faux-mat to the page!

Mix your colors and start stamping!

Then, when you're ready, carefully peel up the tape and let your work dry!

There you have it! A beautiful, frameable print - the perfect craft to gift to Mom or to send to the loved ones you miss spending time with.


We love that this craft because it:

  • Teaches gardeners about repurposing materials! Reusing makes us more resourceful which is an invaluable trait!

  • Cultivates creative decision-making skills. Whether it's arrangement, color choice, patterns, etc. creative decision-making instills confidence in young gardeners!

  • Encourages self-expression. Art is inherently expressive, but working in the abstract challenges us to convey emotions through form, color, and arrangement!

Gather up those excess packing materials, grab some paint, and start making. We can't wait to see what you create! Stay strong, gardeners!


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