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Treasured Textured Recyclables (say that 3 times fast)

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hello Gardeners!

Today on the blog we have a craft that is not only fun & colorful, but is made using recyclables, and is 100% frameable - it's a Stamped Recyclable Print! Hanging your children's art on the wall in your home shows them their creative efforts are valued, it builds their confidence and a beautiful expression of how proud you are of them!


Here is what you'll need:

Textured recyclables - we chose bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cardboard, and takeout containers, pretty much all the stuff that we've accumulated during the stay-at-home order thus far!

Paint - choose colors that will compliment the decor of your home

Paper - choose a size that is easy to frame (5x7, 8x10, 10x10)

Painters tape - an artist trick to making work look frame-ready!

First things first, gather your recyclables! Bubble wrap is a really fun one to print! Then, tape your paper to your working surface. Leave a big border or a small one - but taping off the edges gives a sort of faux-mat to the page!

Mix your colors and start stamping!

Then, when you're ready, carefully peel up the tape and let your work dry!