Pocket Journals!

Updated: Jan 21

Hello Gardeners!

When we find ourselves outside of our comfort zones, it can be a little overwhelming to know how to respond and bring ourselves back to a calmer state of mind. We are constantly adding tons of tools to our 'emotional toolbox', but how do we keep track of them... especially in moments when we can't necessarily slow down our thoughts?

Think of the things that you often carry with you when you leave the house. Your wallet, a key-chain, money, your ID, etc. The point is, there are all sorts of items we deem as 'necessary' to have on us at all times.

What if we take that same idea and apply it to an object that can provide us with mindfulness tools, in those moments we need them most? Join us today in making Pocket Journals where we can write down grounding techniques, breathing techniques, and mantras. Small in size, yet mighty in reward!