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Re-Purpose Your Stale Cider Doughnuts 🍁

Nothing says Fall in New Jersey like a crisp, autumn day apple picking at a your local farm and enjoying some tasty cider donuts. Lately, we have noticed that as sweet and delicious as those donuts are, they always seem to get stale by the time you reach for them again. That's why today on the #PullYourWeeds Blog we are featuring a fun, kid-friendly recipe to re-purpose cider donuts into a delightful french toast. Scroll down and read more about the social and emotional learning benefits of cooking with your kids!

Scroll down for our very own Apple Cider Doughnut French Toast Recipe

#PullYourWeeds Cider Doughnut French Toast Ingredients:

✔ 4-6 Stale Cider Donuts

✔ 1 Cup of Milk

✔ 1 Egg

✔ 1 Tsp of Vanilla

✔ 2-3 Dashes of Cinnamon

✔ 1 Dash of Nutmeg

✔ 1 Glug of Maple Syrup

Slice your donuts in half. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. Gently dip your donuts in the egg batter, coating both sides. Cook in a buttered frying pan on each side until golden brown and enjoy!

Stale cider donuts make for a great base for french toast as they hold up well in the egg mixture (but don't let them soak too long).

The SEL Benefits of Cooking With Kids:

✔ Teaches life skills.

✔ Develops fine motor and hand eye coordination.

✔ It encourages patience and focus.

✔ Builds confidence.

✔ Fun for the whole family.

✔ Creates concepts of math and science.

✔ Kids love activities where they can use all of their senses!

If you are looking for a farm getaway with your family we love Wightman's Farm in Morristown, NJ. Click Here to learn more about this incredible family owned and operated local Jersey Fresh Farm.


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