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Rooted in Responsibility

Hello Gardeners!

Today, we are talking about responsibility and how it can help us gain more confidence, teach good work ethic, and allow us to see the value in helping. We all juggle lots of responsibilities - making it to our bus stop on time, finishing homework, walking our dogs, cleaning up our bedrooms, etc. And while some of our responsibilities might not be fun, those experiences help you become a well-rounded person.

Let's dissect one responsibility many of us have:

After dinner, help clear the dishes.

This small job teaches us that because we all contributed to eating the meal, it's everyone's job to help clean up! Small tasks and jobs like this are valuable learning experiences and by practicing them at home and at school, those lessons stick with us through adulthood.

Giving students responsibilities can help them develop and display their skills. If you see that one of your students has a knack for public speaking, maybe you let him or her take attendance, if you see a student who likes to doodle, have them

Start small - at home divvy up tasks, someone is in charge of bringing in the mail, someone is in charge of setting the table, someone is in charge of wiping down the table, etc. Responsibilities like this help teach kids manners and maturity. At school, ask different students to fill different role to try to teach them skills - line leaders, escorting another classmate to the nurse, clearing supplies after an activity, etc.

Want to add a fun spin? Create interactive & engaging ways to designate tasks to your students each week! Here are some design ideas:

Thanks for reading along today #Gardeners! What are some of your favorite responsibilities? Send them to, tag us @youareagardener, or comment below!

As always, continue to #PullYourWeeds!


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