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🌿 Salt Dough Impressions 🌿

Hello Gardeners!

On the blog, we talk a lot about focusing on the 'flowers' and if you are new to the blog that means choosing to focus on the things that make us smile, give us joy, and make our lives feel so fulfilling!

Today, we are sharing our Salt Dough Impressions craft so you can place lovely reminders all around your home as a reminder of all the people, moments and experiences that make a positive impression in your life.

(Scroll all the way down to see why this is a #PullYourWeeds Approved Craft)

F i r s t t h i n g s f i r s t

We need to make our salt dough! You will need:

1/4 cup of salt

1/2 cup of flour (sub any kind of flour for gluten free!)

1/4 cup of luke warm water

*If you plan to make a bunch of these, feel free to double or triple the recipe!*

Mix the flour, salt, and water together until it forms a semi-firm dough. If yours feels a little sticky, feel free to add some more flour or cornstarch to firm it up a bit!

G a t h e r y o u r p l a n t s 🌿 🌻

Now it's time to gather up what you will be stamping into your dough. I suggest picking items that are pretty fresh, and have some structure to them!

M a k e y o u r i m p r e s s i o n

Roll out your dough so it is your desired thickness - to me, thinner is better, but whatever you prefer! Then take a jar lid, container, or cookie cutter to cut your dough into shapes. Next, take your items and arrange them on your dough cut outs. With medium pressure, use your rolling pin to form an impression of the plant into your dough. Once you feel you've gotten the impression, peel up your plant!

L e t t h e m d r y

You can air dry these or bake them in the oven. Air drying (depending on the thickness) can take about 24-48 hours or you can bake them at 225° for about 2 hours or until dry.

P a i n t t h e m + d i s p l a y !

Since we chose only greens, I mixed up a bunch of green paint in various shades and painted mine in two tones. Then you can choose where to display! Maybe use some twine to wrap one around a flower vase, or display near a potted plant, or maybe hang as a window charm!


This craft is #PullYourWeedsApproved because it:

  • helps gardeners practice measurement

  • is a wonderful sensory activity (and you can use this recipe to make your own playdough!)

  • helps us practice patience! Waiting for dough to dry/bake can sometimes be a challenge!


Did you make this craft or our salt dough recipe? We would love to see what kinds of ornaments YOU created! Send us your photos at or @youareagardener.

Sending you sunshine on this beautiful Thursday!


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