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School Spotlight: Spreading Seeds in Washington Township School District

School Spotlight: Spreading Seeds in Washington Township School District:

Last week, we had the wonderful opportunity to introduce our #PullYourWeeds® Assembly to the elementary schools in Washington Township, spanning from Kindergarten to 6th grade. We were genuinely touched by the warm reception and the friendly staff at the three different program venues. The community's kind and supportive atmosphere truly reflected in their fantastic students, who were a joy to engage with. The students showed remarkable enthusiasm and participation throughout the sessions. It's truly an honor to witness how well the program resonates across different age groups.

Presenter shanna truffini with the SEL team at Washington Township School in NJ
"We absolutely loved your presentation yesterday! I got some unsolicited feedback from a few colleagues, and they were very impressed! We are so happy to have you working with us this year!" ~Stacie Paruta , Special Education Teacher-Washington Township School District

NJ assembly elementary school review on iphone

We are confident that every student (and staff member) in the Washington Township school district now understands the significance of the words flowers, weeds, and seeds, and the importance of navigating challenges with a calm, confident mindset. We are eagerly anticipating our Gardener Culmination Celebration Assembly with the students in April.

facebook post on SEL family night in washington township nj with you are a gardener

Additionally, we have collaborated closely with the district's SEL team and introduced our #PullYourWeeds® Classroom Edition for staff to implement in their classrooms, ensuring the program's continuity. This SEL program offers easy access to a variety of activities, exercises, visual aids, morning meeting topics, classroom games, activity sheets, all centered around the empowering You Are a Gardener mindset. By engaging with the staff, we aim to empower students to embrace this mindset wholeheartedly. We are also excited about our upcoming presentation to families next month at the district's Family SEL event to keep it growing at home.

shanna truffini nj elementary school assembly presenter

Stay tuned to our #PullYourWeeds® Blog for more highlights on the Washington Township school District!

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