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SEL Roots in Sports, Recess, and PE

Hello Gardeners!

Gym class and recess aren’t just great opportunities to get fresh air, some exercise, and take a much needed break from academic learning. As we’ve said before, exercise can do wonders for decreasing stress, clearing the mind, and getting the endorphins flowing - but PE, recess, and team sports also organically foster social and emotional learning (SEL). Let’s take a closer look!

Team activities and games require focus & observation, teamwork, emotional regulation, and the ability to overcome obstacles - all key elements to developing social & emotional literacy.

Tug-of-war is a great example of working together, rather than as an individual to achieve a goal!

Focus & Observation

Individuals are required to take a step back and look at the whole scene - where their teammates are and where they should be in relation to their teammates, what strategy can be used based on what's going on, etc.


As the saying goes, “there’s no I in team!” We learn to share space, take turns, and work together to succeed!

Emotional Regulation

We practice this every time something doesn’t go our way in a game or as a way to shake those pregame jitters. It’s that moment when we remember it’s just a game, it’s supposed to be fun, and that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose!

Ability to Overcome Obstacles

With games and sports, we don’t become pros overnight! When our goals aren’t met, we focus, practice a little harder, and try again.

Gym class, recess, and team sports are sort of like invisible learning time. When we are playing games and running around, it just feels like fun, but we are still absorbing so many lessons and developing major skills socially and emotionally. Doesn't matter if you are a science teacher, PE teacher, recess monitor, or coach - we can always plant new seeds to make our gardeners flourish!

There is still time to book You Are A Gardener™ for you students or teachers this Fall & Winter!

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