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Small Celebrations 🦃

Today on the #PullYourWeeds Blog we are turning our table cards into greeting cards and making thumbprint turkeys to mail to our family and friends!

Scroll Down For Step By Step Instructions On How To Make These Adorable

Thumbprint Turkey Table Cards

Kids love contributing to the holidays and teaching them how to make table cards/greeting cards is a wonderful way to get them involved. These handmade fingerprint cards are kid-friendly, easy to make and are so cute you can even frame them!

Here's What You Need: 🦃

Cardstock, paint, googly eyes, construction paper, a gel pen or marker

  1. Cut a piece of cardstock or construction paper into your desired size and fold it half.

  2. Put yellow, red, orange and brown paint into separate bowls.

  3. Take your middle or pointer finger, dip in yellow paint and make 7-8 prints.

  4. Next do the same in orange paint and overlap the yellow a little bit.

  5. Repeat with the red paint but you will only need to do 4-5 prints.

  6. Dip your thumb in brown paint to the center and down of the feathers.

  7. Let dry completely. (This part takes patience as they may have to sit for several hours)

  8. Once dry, glue on 2 googly eyes and a tiny triangle beak cut from construction paper.

  9. With a gel pen or marker draw the turkeys legs.

  10. Get creative with anything else you would like to add!

  11. Use them as table cards or write a note on them and mail them to family & friends!

Note: We let ours dry overnight as the paint was pretty thick in some spots.

Just like no one has the same fingerprints, each of these turkeys comes out truly unique. This Thanksgiving craft for kids is a wonderful way to add color to you table settings and is also a bright and cheerful handmade greeting card to receive in the mail.

We would love to see your handmade thumbprint turkey cards! Tag us in your your photos with @youareagardenr and #pullyourweeds or send us an email to and will post them for you!

Press Play to watch the 2018 Thanksgiving Episode of Hello Gardeners®

Happy Thanksgiving to all our gardener friends and family...Gobble, gobble!



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Hey gardeners, did you make our Thumbprint Turkey Cards? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Thumbprint Turkey 'Gardening Tool Badge'!

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