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Spread Seeds to Those In Need

Hello Gardeners!

If there is one thing we learn from living the #GardenerLifestyle it's that we can always help a gardener in need. There are people all across the world who need a boost, and YOU can spread seeds of positivity, hope, strength, joy, and so much more.

There are so many programs that link you to #GardenersInNeed and we have compiled a short list for you!

Spread seeds of positivity to hospitalized kids!

Cards for Hospitalized Kids (CFHK) is an internationally recognized charitable organization that spreads hope, joy & magic to hospitalized kids across America through uplifting, handmade cards.

Spread seeds of support to soldiers and veterans!

Whether you want to volunteer for an organization like Backpacks For Life that helps homeless veterans, or you want to boost up those deployed with a care package, there are so many ways to send some love!

Spread seeds and smiles at your local nursing home!

Pack a bag with some board game or a couple puzzles, gather a group of friends to sing holiday tunes, or just go and listen to the stories of the residents. The people living in these facilities can always use a friendly face!

Great job #GirlScouts!

There are thousands of ways to volunteer, give back to your community, and spread seeds of positivity, hope, and support. Gather up some friends, team up with your family, or go at it solo and give one of these a try!

Serve meals at a soup kitchen

Play with pets at an animal rescue

Clean up your local park

Organize a food drive at your school

Hand out bagged lunches to the homeless

Host a bake sale and donate proceeds to a charity of your choice

Donate your cold weather clothing to shelters

What are your favorite ways to spread seeds? Let us know in the comments below 👇👇👇.

Have a heart.

Lend a hand.

Make a difference.


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