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Start Earning Your Gardening Tool Badges

Have you ever heard the expression emotional toolkit? These are the tools we use throughout our lives to help us manage stress and keep our emotions in check. As gardeners we needs lots of 'gardening tools' to keep our emotions rooted in a calm and confident state.

At You Are a Gardener® we are always looking for new skills to help us communicate, re-focus and stay on a positive path. And we are always wanting to share these tools/skills with our community!

Last year we added a new element to our program where young gardeners can earn their Gardening Tool Badges. These level appropriate activities & exercises open young gardeners minds to new skills/tools, that with practice can stay with them for life when they encounter stress and big emotions!

There are lots of ways gardeners can earn their Gardening Tool Badges:

#1 Book a #PullYourWeeds® Workshop for your school, family or group. Every workshop introduces children to 2-3 new gardening tools! Contact Us Here!

#2 Watch our Hello Gardeners® and Camp Hello Gardeners® Video Series-Click Here!

#3 Read our #PullYourWeeds® Blog- Click Here!

#4 Let us put together a custom program just for you-Contact Us Now!

Start adding some new 'gardening tools to your emotional toolkit today!


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