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Staying Social

Hello Gardeners!

As we settle into the rest of winter, we can feel the pull towards hibernation and inactivity and with some stay at home restrictions still in place, it may feel like a long road ahead. We focus a lot of energy on the #PullYourWeeds Blog about social and emotional learning. So, how do we continue to help our kids develop these skills if their time in the classroom is restricted to a screen and/or less time face-to-face? We can start with finding ways for our kids to continue to socialize outside of the classroom - that means play dates!

Keep reading to find 5 socially-distanced play date ideas that are sure to provide some much needed laughs, smiles, and socializing to your gardener's life!



More and more streaming platforms are offering the option to host a movie watching party, but even if your preferred service doesn't, you can simply share your screen with your friends on your video conferencing app.

This can be a great way to get those slumber party vibes while staying at a safe distance!


Getting some fresh air, especially in the winter, is a wonderful way to see friends! This even gives parents or guardians a chance to socialize and exercise while supervising the kids!

Pick your favorite trail and remember to keep a safe distance!


Pick out a craft and make sure you and the other kids involved have the materials. Someone can take the lead or everyone can figure it out together. In the end, be sure to hold up your creations to see how everyone's turned out!

If you need tips on what to create, head to the #PullYourWeeds blog homepage and hit the "CRAFTS" filter to see all of our past crafts!


There are so many online games, like Words With Friends, Pictionary, and social games, but don't hesitate to rig your video chat to play a board game like Connect 4 or Chutes and Ladders. Just place pieces for your opponent as you go!


There are so many distance-friendly, yard games! Whether it's badminton, hopscotch, tennis, or capture the flag, it's easy to stay more than 6 feet apart!

Whether it's taking walks, talking on the phone, or playing games at a distance - there are so many ways to keep our kids social! Encouraging your kids to reach out to new friends and classmates they haven't had the opportunity to get to know is also a wonderful way to keep connections strong.

Have your gardeners had successful play dates this past year? We'd love to hear what's worked and how you've socialized from a distance! Send us an email to

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