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Stressful Sleep Weeds

Hello Gardeners!

Nighttime can be a really stressful time for some gardeners. When we finally slow down and try to relax, we are left with racing thoughts, anxiety, and fear. Other times, it's what we experience when we're asleep that makes us nervous about bedtime.

Nightmares, anxiety dreams, punishment dreams, post-trauma dreams, and night terrors - there is a whole world of weeds that can pop up when we are asleep.

What happens when we find ourselves scared awake from one of these dreams? How do we handle it?

Try a grounding technique

Often what makes nightmares so impactful, is how easily they can disorient us and make us unsure about if the terrible event we experienced was a dream or reality. Next time this happens to you, sit up on the edge of your bed, plant your feet firmly on the ground, maybe wiggle your toes a little. Feel yourself in your body, in your room, in your house.

Do a body scan