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Sunshine Makes the Flowers Grow

Hello Gardeners!

The difference between a good day and a bad day can come down to the smallest, little thing. We can be having what we would consider a wonderful day, and then one bad experience can make us look back on that day in a negative light. Of course, not all days are going to be good ones - but choosing to focus on the negative and not having the ability to let go of an annoying experience or a frustrating experience, can permeate into our gardens.

Negativity can grab hold of our flowers and prevent us from seeing their beautiful colors.

How do we fix this? Well, it's just about taking a minute every day to let the sunshine illuminate your flowers! Tonight at dinner, ask your family to share 2 flowers from their day. This will force your family members to reflect on their days and allow everyone to end their day with sunshine!

Want a visual reminder? Try our Flower Window Ornament and see your flowers every time the sun shines through!

What you'll need:

2 small cardboard squares (the same size)

Tissue paper (white and a few other colors)

Clear craft glue


4 inch piece of string

Cut out the inside of both squares - leaving about an inch border. Glue a square of white tissue paper to your frame.

Start with your flower. With small dots of glue, add your flower petals. On the top half of your frame, use blue or another color to create the sky. On the bottom half, place a stem for your flower and green tissue paper (or another color) to create the ground. It is okay to glue on top of your flower - we are going to turn it over in a minute!

Glue a white square onto your other frame and the glue both frames together - sealing in the colored tissue paper! Don't forget to glue your string in between the two frames. You can always tape this on the back if your forget!

Voila! A beautiful "stained glass" flower! When you see this flower, use it as a reminder to reflect on your day's positives.

That's all for today, gardeners - remember #TheFutureIsBright!


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