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Take a breath...

One of the most powerful 'gardening tools' we can use is deep breathing. By taking deep breaths you can lower your heart rate, decrease your stress and increase your calm. The beautiful thing about this particular stress-relieving tool, is that you can do it anywhere at anytime. Today we are sharing with you 3 kid-friendly breathing exercises that can help gardeners of all ages get to a calmer and more confident state of mind.

1. Petal Breathing

With your pointer finger on your other hand, point to the base of one petal and slowly trace the petal up towards the tip - inhaling as you go. Pause at the tip of the petal, and then use your pointer finger to trace back down the petal, exhaling until you reach the center of the flower.

2. Flower Breathing

Pretend you have a flower in one hand and take a deep breath in & smell your flower. Now pretend you have a dandelion in the other hand, exhale & make a wish. (Repeat 3-5 times)

#3. Blowing Bubbles

Make your own color scented bubbles: Mix 4 Cups of Water with 1/2 Cup of Blue Dish Soap, 1/2 Cup of Sugar, A few Drops of Food Coloring & A Few Drops of Your Favorite Essential Oil (like lavender, vanilla, or ginger).


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