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Teacher Self-Care

Hello Educators!

As the people working at the forefront of education, often your students, your school, and your community take up most of your time and energy. Between lesson planning, grading, after school meetings, and in-service workshops, there is only so much time left for you! A lot is demanded of you and it can feel like if you don’t give 150% all the time, you are letting down your students.

But how can you effectively educate if you aren’t keeping yourself healthy and well? Just like your students, you have weeds too and it’s important you water the flowers rather than the weeds. Here are a few tips to staying healthy!

1. Say NO once in a while!

If you feel like you already have a full plate, say no to taking on new responsibilities! You need to have a life outside of your work - you need to have the option to take that weekend trip or that nighttime yoga class.

2. Take advantage of your mental health days

If you are feeling a little burned out, take the day! That’s what they are there for. Use that day to do something fun or something just for you. You’ll return the next day feeling refreshed and much more prepared to teach!