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Thank You Gardener Kelsey: Our Creative Collaborator & Beyond

pictures of illustrator kelsey jordan with you are a gardener

Kelsey Jordan (aka Gardener Kelsey), our illustrator, videographer, and overall creative collaborator, has been a constant support throughout our journey. She's been cheering us on from the sidelines and behind the camera since the very beginning, and has been there for us for every single on of our entrepreneurial encounters. Her patience never wears thin (even during hours of filming hello gardeners®) and her hard work has helped turn our dreams into a reality.

Gardener Kelsey, thank you for supporting us, sharing your talent with us, dreaming with us, creating with us, and growing with us. You truly are a master gardener...(literally and physically)!

Are you's grow time!

All our love & gratitude,

Gardener Shanna, Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan

P.S. -Wacth some of Gardener Kelsey's videos on here!


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