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The Comfort Zone

com·fort zone -noun: comfort zone; a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.

Aaahh the comfort zone, a place where we like to go to rest, recharge and feel completely ourselves. For most gardeners this comfort zone is at home with our family and stepping out of it can sometimes be a challenge.

Feeling confident and calm in environments that may not feel as safe and secure as home can be hard for young gardeners, especially at school.

It is important for all gardeners to remember that when we are out of our comfort zones, it can sometimes be difficult to be the best versions of our ourselves. Feeling uncomfortable can often lead to inconsiderate and even unkind behaviors. Recognizing this about ourselves and that others may be experiencing this same feeling as well, is equally as important. At the root of it all, you never know what someone is growing through.

Today on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog we are sharing some helpful 'Gardening Tools' for gardeners to use when they are feeling out of their comfort zone at school (or anytime they are feeling uncomfortable). These tools also help when gardeners are encountering their peers who are not being considerate or kind.

Go-To Gardening Tools To Get You Back In The Comfort Zone

  1. Take 2-3 deep breaths and remind yourself that this moment will pass soon. It is only temporary.

  2. Keep a little rock or trinket in your pocket or backpack, rub it between your fingers when you are feeling uncomfortable and have a positive mantra to repeat to yourself. "I am confident, I am calm, I am safe.

  3. Try and jot down the uncomfortable feelings and emotions you are experiencing. You can share this with a family member or trusted source after school.

  4. Pick 3 happy thoughts before you go to school and focus on them whenever you feel out of your comfort zone.

  5. If you are really struggling talk to your teacher, counselor or school nurse.

Remember gardeners sometimes there are no tools that can help you feel better right away but the simple act of identifying your uncomfortable feelings and recognizing what caused it, helps you grow through what you go through.

Keep 'pulling your weeds', 'planting new seeds' and 'enjoying the flowers along the way'!


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