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The Future is ✨BRIGHT✨

Hello Gardeners! This month we have been closely following the #MyYoungerSelf campaign from The Child Mind Institute and Project UROK. It's a campaign where actors, athletes, musicians, and influencers of all kind come together to provide advice to their younger self about struggling with their weeds (stress, depression, and anxiety). What we have noticed is that most of the advice is rooted in #GardenerAnna & #GardenerAidan's belief - that talking about your weeds keeps them from growing and talking about your flowers gives them strength!

We are so happy that these organizations and initiatives are helping to shed a light on the issues that every gardener struggles with and we hope that we can do our part to spread seeds of positivity! Be a good listener when a fellow gardener needs to be heard, branch out and make new friends, work hard to #PullYourWeeds, remember that #TheFutureIsBright, and it will get better if we all work together.


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