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The Gift That Keeps on Digging: You Are a Gardener® Children's Book

Discover the perfect gift this holiday season: You Are a Gardener® Children's Book. Plant the seeds of empowerment, gratitude, and mindfulness in young minds.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on 'digging' by purchasing a copy of our book. This is a gift that is perfect for children, families, teachers, and counselors. Our book has a timeless message that empowers gardeners of all ages. It provides readers with the vocabulary, mindset, and coping skills to manage big emotions in a mindful way, while staying rooted in gratitude. Although it may seem like a children's book, the message it conveys is ageless. By gifting a signed copy of You Are a Gardener®, you are planting the seeds of an evergreen and ever-growing present that will keep on giving.

you are a gardener childrens book with cup of cocoa

*All holiday orders must be placed by December 18th

for Christmas deliveries.*

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: You Are a Gardener® Children's Book


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