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How You Are a Gardener Was Planted

Meet author Shanna Truffini and learn about how the seed that blossomed into the

You Are a Gardener® Social & Emotional Learning Platform was planted!


(This video was filmed in August of 2017 before we even had a copy of our book!)

Shanna Truffini’s children’s book You Are a Gardener™ (find the book here) uses gardening vocabulary as ‘emotional metaphors’ to teach young children the importance of identifying the ‘flowers’ and ‘weeds’ in their everyday life. (The flowers are our joyful, positive feelings & emotions and the weeds are our negative/uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions.) 

The book was born out of Truffini's determination to find a positive solution to help her family overcome obstacles put in their path. Through embracing the gardener’s lifestyle and using the child friendly vocabulary of this book, Shanna Truffini’s young family was able to communicate and problem solve life’s everyday challenges.

This new path that opened up for her family has empowered her children with the gift of knowing what it takes to care for and maintain a healthy and happy garden.  She encourages families, teachers and anyone who interacts with young children on a daily basis to embrace this system with the hope it will raise a new generation of gardeners. The You Are a Gardener® children's book came out in January of 2018 and since then Truffini and her young family are on a mission to get out in their community and plant the ‘seeds’ for emotional well-being in children and adults alike.

“A few years ago my family encountered an unforeseen event that caused my daughter who was 5 at the time to have post traumatic stress. As much as we did to stay ahead of it with regular therapy, her stress started taking root and manifested into to anxiety. As a Mom on a mission I was determined to help my family find a positive solution to help our daughter overcome her struggles.”

We hope you'll join us on our #PullYourWeeds journey towards empowering children with the vocabulary, tools and skills it takes to know they have the power to control the way they feel.


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