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The Last STRAW

Building On Your Emotional Toolbox is what gardening is all about! The more strategies and 'gardening tools' we have, the more prepared we are when we encounter stress, negative feelings and uncomfortable emotions, aka weeds. When we use and apply our gardening tools we are encouraging our ability to successfully handle life’s stresses, adapt to change and adjust during difficult times. Maintaining a healthy garden and staying in a space of emotional wellness takes a lot of practice and patience. Be gentle with yourself gardeners and always be open to trying new 'gardening tools'. The more you know, the further you can grow!

When you feel like you have hit a breaking point, aka the Last Straw then today's new gardening tool could be very helpful for you.

The STRAW strategy can be applied by anyone, at anytime, anywhere. All you need is a glass of cold water.

S it down

T ake a drink of cold water

R ecognize this will pass

A llow yourself to breath

W ait until you are calm

This mini mindful moment encourages us to identify our negative feelings, take a pause and use positive action to help ourselves get to a calmer sate. The act of drinking a glass of cold water is a sensory one that can also help bring us back to the present moment.

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