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The Mental Health Of Tomorrow

This may look like a children’s book and platform but our message is truly ageless. Empowering individuals with the mindset for recognizing stress, communicating feelings with trusted sources and using healthy & positive tools to move forward and grow is at the very ‘root’ of our foundation. 🌺 Now more than ever WE ALL need to come together and plant the seeds for a mentally healthy tomorrow!

The You Are a Gardener®️ Book & Learning Programs 🦊 Have Roots In: 🌻Keeping the lines of communication open. 🌻Using healthy & positive tools to manage stress. 🌻Introducing a NEW mindset for mental health and wellness. 🌻Using gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors. Our Book is a Great Gift For:👏 -Your Kids -Young Families -Teachers -Middle Schoolers -Mental Health Advocates -New Parents -School Counselors -Yourself

It’s time we all roll up our sleeves and dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered individuals together! 🙌

This is more than a book, it's a mindset. Dig into a new approach for a healthy way to manage stress and your emotions. You are a gardener.


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