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The Missing Piece

When Aidan asks about the day he was born I always tell him it was like finding the missing piece to the puzzle. It was as if our family was waiting for him to complete the picture. So, it comes as no surprise that this kid LOVES doing puzzles!

Did you know that puzzles are one of the best educational toys you can give a child? The benefits that puzzles provide, support a child's cognitive, physical, mental and emotional development.

Benefits of Puzzles For Kids

✔︎ Improves Memory

✔︎ Builds Self-Confidence

✔︎ Encourages Patience

✔︎ Uses Left & Right Brain

✔︎ Develops Fine Motor Skills

✔︎ Do Independently Or With a Group

✔︎ Develops Problem Solving Skills

✔︎ Encourages Cognitive Thinking

✔︎ Acheive Small Goals

✔︎ Uses Critical Thinking Skills

Gardener Aidan would love to see pictures of the puzzles you and your family has completed. Send us your pictures to



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