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The Roots Of Insecurity

As gardeners we know there are so many words for weeds...the list goes on and on. But did you know that some weeds can be rooted in the same challenging feeling/emotion? Today we are unpacking some of the weeds that are rooted in insecurity.

It can be helpful to recognize that when we experience certain weeds (negative & uncomfortable feelings) such as:








These particular weeds can be deep rooted in feeling insecure. Insecurity is a big weed that many gardeners struggle with from time to time and can be tied to feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and fear of loss.

There are a lot of healthy 'Gardening Tools' to help with feelings of insecurities such as:

-Gratitude exercises

-Vision boards

- Goal setting journal

-Self-compliment sheet

-Take a break from social media/screens

-Smile more

(these tools are appropriate for gardeners of all ages)

Nurturing our gardens (pulling weeds & planting seeds) takes time & patience. Some 'gardening tools' work better for others and it is helpful to be patient with ourselves and try new 'Gardening Tools" when we are feeling open to it. The more tools we have in our "Toolbox", the more prepared we are when we encounter weeds aka stress.

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