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Top 5 Reasons To Purchase You Are a Gardener®

children's book mental health you are a gardener

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Copy Of Our Children's Book You Are a Gardener®:

1. Opens up the lines of communication for kids to talk about their feelings with trusted sources.

2. Our book uses gardening vocabulary as emotional metaphors that young children and gardeners of all ages can easily relate to (flowers, weeds & seeds).

3. It encourages empathy, inclusivity, kindness and responsible decision making.

4. It teaches positive conflict/resolution skills.

5. The more 'gardening tools' kids have to help manage stress and big emotions, the more resilient they will be!

What are you waiting for let's here!

A the core of our children's book You Are a Gardener®️ lies a universal emotional language that speaks directly to the hearts of 'gardeners' of all ages—flowers, weeds, and seeds. These simple yet profound metaphors lay the foundation for a new narrative, empowering individuals to navigate their emotions with grace and resilience.

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase You Are a Gardener®


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