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Use Flowers as Reminders to Find 'Flowers'

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

As the ground warms and Spring nears, little flowers are beginning to pop up around every corner. Why not use these little sprouts of energy as a reminder to think of the 'flowers' in your life! Each time you stroll the flower aisle at the supermarket, come up with a 'flower' from your day. When you swap out your seasonal decor and wipe down your floral candle holders, make note of a 'flower' from your morning. These little daily flower sightings can act as gentle reminders to walk through your garden every day and make note of your 'flowers.'

You Are A Gardener™'s illustrator, Kelsey DeLaney, tested out our idea in her own home! See her flower reminder moments below - what are some of yours? Let us know! #GardeningMindset #PullYourWeeds™

scooped up some fresh grape hyacinth from the flower market

noted the floral motif from my winter-to-spring pillow swap

smiled at the flower knob on my tea kettle

brightened up a corner by adding a floral dish

reflected on happy memories by stopping at looking at my pressed greens

took a pause and remembered to breathe when I saw the floral design on my essential oil bottle

Let us know some of the floral 'moments' you've had in YOUR home! We hope they make for a peaceful, happy day!

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