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We all have weeds...

By our own definition, empathy is the ability to recognize and appreciate that as gardeners we are all 'growing' through unique experiences and emotions at all times. Having the awareness to identify an uncomfortable feeling or thought, and using it as an opportunity to communicate and grow through it, gives us gardeners an appreciation for the efforts it takes to address a negative situation with a positive outlook.

It is important for children to appreciate that at the root of it all, we all have weeds. It is always helpful to remind young kids that 'you never know what someone else is growing through.' So, today we are sharing some common weeds that most grade school gardeners encounter on a day to day basis.

Common Stressors (aka Weeds) Kids Ages 4-11

Separation Anxiety

Academic Pressure

Peer Pressure

Sports Pressure

Feeling Left Out

Encountering Unkind Acts

Negative Influence Of Social Media

Unhealthy Sleep Habits

Sibling Rivalry

Family/Parental Stress

Lack Of Self-Confidence

Juggling Responsibilities

World Events

Empowering young kids with 'gardening' tools to help them feel confident & calm when they encounter stress is at the root of all our programs. To learn more about how your school and/ or family can benefit from our #PullYourWeeds® Programs...Click Here!

Shanna Truffini currently attends schools locally in NJ for her SEL #PullYourWeeds® Program for workshops and assemblies. Her online SEL Program can be used and applied nationwide via a set of pre-recorded videos and a customized 'one-click SEL' curriculum for every school.

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