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Top 10 Gardening Tools For Emotional Wellness

Hello gardeners! By our own definition, ‘Gardening Tools are the actions and practices we can engage in to maintain a composed and self-assured state of mind. These tools keep us rooted in a positive mindset and  help us transform challenges into opportunities for growth. The more 'gardening tools' we have in our toolbox, the better equipped we become for opportunities to turn ‘weeds into seeds’. 

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gardening tools for kids emotional health

As gardeners, weeds are a natural part of our gardening journey, and we must be ready when they appear. This is where our trusty "gardening tools" come into play and – we can never have too many. Understanding that we have the power to manage and choose our emotions by utilizing the appropriate "gardening tools" is an empowering experience for gardeners of all ages!

So, the next time you or your fellow gardeners feel your weeds pop up up such as sadness, fear, overwhelmed, anger, frustration, loneliness, exclusion, embarrassment, and more, reach for one of your favorite"Go-To" Gardening Tools. These tools can help you quickly unwind, re-center and return to a calmer and more confident mindset.

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top 10 gardening tools with fox for kids

You Are a Gardener's

Top 10 Gardening Tools

#4 Exercising

#8 Listen To Music

#9 Dancing

Pick a tool, any tool!

top 10 coping skills for kids
Discover the top 10 gardening tools for emotional wellness and learn how to stay rooted in a calm and confident mindset. Pick a tool, any tool!
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Our book, platform and programs are rooted in educating and empowering children, families and educators with healthy ‘Gardening Tools  to navigate stress, be more mindful and stay rooted in a calm and confident mindset. Pick a tool, any tool!


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