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Top 10 Gardening Tools

Updated: May 4, 2022

Let's face it gardeners...we all have weeds and we need to be prepared when those weeds pop up. That's why we need 'gardening tools', lots and lots of gardening tools. Educating and empowering young kids and families with tools and skills to help them proceed confidently and calmly when they encounter stress is what our programs are all about.

Knowing we have the ability to control and choose our own emotions by using the right 'gardening tools' is an empowering process for gardeners of all ages!

So the next time you or your gardeners feel sad, scared, overwhelmed, mad, frustrated, lonely, left out, embarassed, etc...pick one of our favorite 'Go-To' Gardening Tools to help you instantly de-stress and get back to a calmer and more confident state of mind.

<< Scroll down for our Top Ten Gardening Tools! >>

You Are a Gardener's

Top 10 Gardening Tools

#4 Exercising

#8 Listen To Music

#9 Dancing

Pick a tool, any tool!

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