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You Are a Gardener® Book Fair

Dig into a fun way to raise money for your school or organization. Schedule a You Are a Gardener® Book Fair & we will donate 10% of all sales back to your school/pto or group.

Here's How It Works:

-Receive an exclusive web link for your school's families or your group to purchase signed copies of You Are a Gardener® (copies can be personalized by the Author)

-All books sold can be shipped directly to the home or can be delivered to your school/place of business ($5.95 shipping fee per purchase if shipped directly to home or flat $50 delivery fee if all books shipped to your school or business)

-10% of ALL SALES purchased through this link will be donated back to your school/PTO or organization

(click on the photo to download a pdf to circulate to your school or group)

Shanna Truffini, Author of the children’s book You Are a Gardener® and Creator of the PullYourWeeds® Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs has always been a believer that necessity is the mother of invention. She wrote her children’s book as a response to help her own kids when they were younger to find positive and healthy ways to manage life’s everyday stress and uncomfortable feelings. What started out as children’s book quickly took root into an entire social emotional learning platform dedicated to empowering young children with the vocabulary, mindset and tools to help keep them ‘growing' forward feeling confident and calm.

<<Dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids.

Spread some seeds at your school or organization email to schedule a Book Fair today!>>


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